2. How many people can we hold?

250 to 300 people with a dance floor

3. Do we allow outside caterers?

​No, we do not allow outside catering because we want to ensure the service and quality is great.

4. Can we buy out the whole facility?

Yes, the Greenhouse Wedding & Event Venue is available for all day rental

5. How far in advance does someone needs to contact you for a booking?

It's best to book at a minimum of 7 to 30 prior to your event.

6. Is a DJ provided?

We have a preferred one, but you are welcome to bring your own instead.

7. Can we hold the ceremony at the Greenhouse, too?

Yes, indoor and outdoor ceremony space available.

8. Is there a deposit?

A non-refundable deposit will be required to book any event.

9. Can we do a food tasting prior to finalizing the menu?

Food tastings are available through the cater.

10. Can you accommodate special diets?

Our catering company can accommodate special diet requests

11. Can we bring our own alcohol? Is it part of any of the catering packages?

Zao Island provides all alcohol.

12. Are there decorating restrictions?

Yes, any decorating that can damage the building like nails, duct tape, etc is not allowed.

13. Are there any photograph or video restrictions?

No, and we have preferred photographers and video people if needed

14. Do you have a partnership with a local hotel for overnight accommodations?

There is a hotel across the street and few more right down Route 30.

Other Questions:

-How long is the venue rental?
The venue rental is 5 hours long. The Greenhouse closes at 11 PM, but you can select any 5 hour period before we close.
-How long is the bar package?
The bar package is 4 hours long. Most will choose to have the bar open during the hours of the venue rental and closed for one hour during dinner.
-Can I purchase an attraction package for some of my guests and not all?
That is not a problem at all! You can let us know the amount of attraction packages you would like and we can have them ready on the day of your wedding or event.
-Can I add vegan or vegetarian pizzas to our pizza buffet?
We can make veggie pizzas instead of one of your meat options. We can also make veggie pizzas without cheese for the vegan pizzas. Our crust has milk in it, so we can make the vegan pizzas using our bread bite dough (which is dairy free).
-I would like to decorate the venue the night before my wedding or event. Can I do this?
Due to a full event schedule year round, we unfortunately cannot open the venue for decorating the night before your wedding or event. You are welcome to come in at 10 AM or later the day of your wedding or event to decorate The Greenhouse.
-I would like to bring my own music to play over the Bluetooth system. Do you have the hook-up for that?
Yes we do!
-I would like to use the wooden farm tables in your photos. Do I have access to those?
Yes, the wooden farm tables are available for you to use at no additional cost. Guest tables and chairs are included as well.
-Do you offer desserts?
We have fancy cakes and large cupcakes that we can offer.
-Do you offer late-night snacks? We have pizza, bread bites and boneless wings.
Late Night Snacks can be purchased in the quantity that you need and served when you request.
-How many people can fit at a round table?
Our round tables seat 10 guests, but we recommend seating 8 guests per table for the most comfort.
-I’m still deciding if I want to use your pizza buffet for dinner. Do you offer any other food options?
Yes, we have a preferred caterer in the area that you may choose if you do not want to use our pizza buffet.
-Are tablecloths and dinnerware included with my rental?
Tablecloths and dinnerware are included with your rental when you book a pizza buffet package with us. If you choose to use our preferred caterer, they will provide the tablecloths and dinnerware included in their price.
-I would like to have an indoor ceremony. Can I do this? (Applies only for weddings)
Yes, but we prefer that the venue is arranged for the reception during your ceremony. Guests will sit at their tables and the ceremony will take place on the dance floor.
-How much is it to have a cocktail hour on your grounds and where would it take place? (Applies only for weddings)
We charge $7 per guest for an extra hour of the domestic bar package. You will have access to the grounds at no additional cost. We can arrange high-top tables outside the venue, weather permitting.